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  • ColorEdge Painters
    800 Benson Rd
    Suite A
    Garner, NC 27529
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Raleigh Professional Painters

ColorEdge Painters is locally owned and operated from Raleigh, NC. Our expert painters are the key to the high-quality service and great results you will receive when you work with us. We take your satisfaction very seriously and will work hard to ensure we meet your expectations.

Nothing makes us happier than a strong positive customer review!

P.A. (Brushy) McWilliams, Owner

  • Brushy didn't expect to start a painting company, it just sort of happened. His father is a contractor and in Brushy's late high school years he would make a little extra cash by helping his dad on an occasional weekend and during the summer, most often doing the painting work.

    It became a more reliable summer job during his college years as his father's business grew. As he neared graduation, Brushy wasn't sure if he'd be able to put his psychology degree to use but he thought he may be able to use some of the skills he learned while achieving his business minor. So he combined his experience and strong skills as a painter with his interest in business and started ColorEdge Painters.

    Brushy still spends a lot of time painting and when you call us, you're most likely to talk directly with him. He's laser-focused on remarkable customer service and always looking to add another picture of a great looking project to the Gallery page.

    Brushy is a big N.C. State athletics fan, and alum. He also enjoys trail running, fishing and hunting.

Lawrence (LT) Thompson, Field Supervisor

  • When Brushy started ColorEdge Painters he knew that as he built his business he'd like to bring his old partner LT on board as his first employee. Of course, he'd have to convince his Dad to let LT make the move. One year after Brushy started the business he brought on LT.

    LT has 25 years of home repair, construction work and painting experience. Not only is he the Field Supervisor but he's also the one who will take on most of the non-painting jobs that are part of our projects. He's one of those "MacGyver" types who seems to be able to do almost anything and make it look great.

    LT enjoys mentoring younger team members. Outside of work, LT enjoys gardening and discovering new wines to share with his wife.

Samantha Green, Lead Painter

  • Samantha's paintbrush is like a wand, turning dull walls into lively stories and transforming ordinary rooms into vibrant adventures. Armed with buckets of laughter and gallons of creativity, she sprinkles a touch of magic on every stroke. Known for her cheerful demeanor and a smile that can brighten up any room, Samantha is not just a painter; she's a happiness architect. Clients not only get a freshly painted space but also a burst of positivity that lingers in the air long after the final coat has dried.

Pollock No 3, Administrator

  • Meet Pollock, the most artistic Dalmatian in town! Pollock brings a splash of creativity and pawsitive vibes wherever he goes. With a tail that wags like a happy brushstroke, catch him howling along to the rhythm of his favorite tunes. When he's not creating canine masterpieces, you'll find Pollock curled up on his favorite rug, dreaming of abstract adventures and perhaps the next big thing in the painting world.

Textured Wall Painting

Q: What finish is best for textured walls?

A: It is best to paint textured walls in a matte or eggshell finish paint. Paint with a gloss finish will make the texture look harsh and visually overpower your room d?cor. A matte paint will give it a more subtle look that blends with other features in the room. Matte paint will look best if it is applied with a "high-nap" or "fluffy" roller brush.


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ColorEdge Painters

  • 800 Benson Rd
    Suite A
    Garner, NC 27529